Dermal fillers are an injectable substance used to smooth out facial wrinkles or indentations in facial skin. These fillers are semi-permanent; they will tend to last for about six month, with the thicker types of filler used for deeper facial crevices lasting the longest.


There are various types of dermal filler, but most are based on hyaluronic acid (HA). This a complex compound that is found in all living cells, including human skin. It not only fills in gaps beneath the skin, smoothing the facial appearance, it also helps retain moisture and keep skin hydrated. Over time the biodegradable HA is reabsorbed into the body, and the face returns to its pre-treatment state.


Side effects of dermal fillers are quite mild and short term. Any redness, bruising, itching or swelling will subside within a few days. Some allergies can be aggravated by dermal filler; a different type of filler may avoid this problem. As a precaution pregnant and nursing women should avoid dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers Bankstown & Roseland

Dermal fillers can restore the full and plump look of a youthful face, filling in hollows, adding volume, enhancing facial shape, correcting sad mouth expressions, and all but removing wrinkles. Their effects are near instantaneous, they require no upkeep, and they last for several months.


The doctors at our Hurstville clinic specialize in the science and art of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, including fillers, Botox and various light treatments. Our clients include locals from Hurstville, Bankstown and Roseland, but we also treat many interstate and foreign visitors. Conveniently located near public transport and ample parking, our facility is state-of-the-art, allowing us to deliver the highest quality treatment specifically tailored to suit each individual.