Hollow eyes / Tear troughs / Eye bagsblob

As we age, we lose fat and connective tissue around our eyes, and our skin becomes thin and less elastic. As a result, hollowing and shading may develop around the orbit and dark circles and eye bags may become more prominent. Tear troughs that run from the corner of our eyes and down into the cheek area can also become increasingly evident. Careful application of dermal filler can soften these grooves and make you look fresher and less tired.

Cheek Enhancementblob

concept of aging and skin care As we get older, one of the most noticeable facial changes is the loss of volume in the cheek area, and our facial high points descend under the force of gravity. This is most obvious in patients that are slender or those that genetically have flatter cheeks and/or narrow face. The cheek bones become less pronounced and the skin becomes saggier. In some patients, this can create a ‘gaunt’ or aged look. Injectable fillers offer a quick and effective method of a subtle cheek enhancement. This additional volume into the cheeks make the face appear more youthful and ‘uplifted’. This is a quick solution with immediate effects without the significant swelling and potential down time from surgery. While the effect of injectable cheek augmentation is only temporary, when the right type of dermal filler is used, it can usually leave you with an enhanced natural result lasting up to 9-12 months. Injectable cheek augmentation can be enhanced by the simultaneous use of muscle relaxation injections in the crow’s feet. This combination of treatments helps enhance the middle part of the face that so that it looks natural and relaxed.

Marionette Lines / Sad Mouth Cornersblob

Marionette lines, also known as the Puppet Lines, are the vertical creases that run downward from the corners of the mouth. They can make us look years beyond our real age, and can often give the impression that we are ‘sad’ and ‘disappointed’.   The culprit for this condition is facial structure and age.  As we get older, the fat and connective tissues in the corners of mouth start to deflate. Our skin starts to lose its elasticity and look lax and pulled down. However, non-surgical cosmetic fillers administered by our experienced physicians especially when started early in the aging process is the most effective way to spin that down-turned mouth sad look around.  Occasionally, having concomitant muscle relaxing injections to relax the muscles that pull the mouth corners down can further improve the sad mouth corners.

Earlobe Rejuvenationblob

When we have spent a lifetime wearing heavy dangly earrings, the holes that they dangle from sometimes become stretched until we can no longer confidently wear any earrings we choose. As we age, the volume loss in our earlobes make our ears less attractive and Using a little dermal filler in the bottom of the lobes and underneath the hole can support it enough to allow us to wear the earrings of our dreams!

Gummy Smile Correctionblob

Does your big joyful smile come paired with a flash of gums? A “gummy smile” is a condition in which a person shows a larger than average amount of gum tissue when smiling and has a disproportionate gum-to-tooth ratio. Although a gummy smile is considered a normal variation of human anatomy, many people with gummy smiles suffer from embarrassment, self consciousness, and even a general lack of self esteem. Making them feel reluctant to smile. This condition may be due to the hyperactivity of the muscle that controls the movement of your upper lip, causing your upper lip to rise up higher than normal. The good news is, for the right candidates, your gummy smile can be brought back to harmony with the rest of your facial features with a touch of muscle relaxing injection.

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