Frown Linesblob

Frown lines, or glabellar lines, are vertical lines that appear between the eyebrows. These wrinkles can appear over time from the effects of age, sun exposure and habitual frowning, whether while awake or during sleep, due to tension. As a person ages, the skin becomes less elastic and the glabellar lines become more pronounced. In some cases, they become permanently imprinted, giving the impression that the person is always worried, grumpy or angry.  Because of this, glabellar line treatments can make a difference to your self-perception, emotional wellbeing, and how others perceive you on first impression.

Brow Liftblob

When an anti-wrinkle injection is placed in a specific correct position, the brow can be lifted. It helps to reduce the heaviness in the outer brow, opens up the eyes and take away the tired look. It an also help with brow reshaping, especially if you have a down turning outer brow. These injections are best performed with crow’s feet treatment with anti wrinkle injections.

Forehead Linesblob

shutterstock_135852137 Forehead lines appear from years of brow-raising, frowning, sunscreen neglect and aging skin. You may feel that in addition to being ageing, these lines make you appear tired and anxious when you’re nothing of the sort! Superficial lines may be softened from an anti-wrinkle treatment, where as etched wrinkles across your forehead may need the additional help with dermal fillers.

Forehead Shapingblob

The forehead, which occupies about one third of the face, is one of the major determinants of a feminine or masculine look. If your forehead is flatter than you desire, consider a forehead augmentation to create the round and voluminous forehead you want.

Hollow Templesblob

Hollow temples are a common sign of aging, but some people can develop them early in life, it can be familial. As the temples age and thin, the face changes shape, some people say their faces look like peanuts as the temples indent. They give a bony appearance to the outer part of the eye socket, making the outer brow appear shorter and droopy. The eyes can also appear smaller. The good news is that temple rejuvenation not only can make you look younger, but is often corrected without surgery, using injectable fillers.

Crows Feetblob

Also known as ‘laughter lines’ or ‘character lines’, crow’s feet are small wrinkles radiating outward from the outer corner of the eyes, while smiling or laughing, or, after sometime, even at rest. The primary cause for crow’s feet is sun exposure, which ages the skin and encourages squinting. Smoking is also a risk factor. They will start small and expand over time. Treatment of the crows feet can soften the lines and open up the outer parts of your eyes. This is a rejuvenating procedure that will brighten your face and show off the natural beauty of your eyes. As with all of our procedures, Medical Aesthetics 360 is committed to achieve the best aesthetic result, tailored to your individual needs and requirements, in our crow’s feet wrinkle-relaxing treatments.

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