Lift and Enhance Your Buttocks With the Experts in Non-Surgical Butt Lifts

Sculpt, volumise, and perfectly shape your butt, with a non-invasive, non-surgical butt lift that delivers truly incredible results.

Also known as a booty lift or booty sculpt, a non-surgical butt lift uses collagen-stimulating injections to naturally lift the butt without the need for costly surgery.

Get the gorgeous, shapely buttocks you’ve always dreamed of and enjoy the ultimate confidence of having a perfect butt, with a fast, safe and amazingly effective non-surgical butt lift!

As one of Sydney’s leading and most trusted providers of non-surgical butt lifts, our team of highly-trained medical doctors can help you achieve the ideal butt shape and size, with premium-grade cosmetic injections.

Your non-surgical butt lift at a glance:

  • Overview: A cosmetic injectable procedure that stimulates collagen to sculpt, reshape and volumise the buttocks.
  • Treatment time: 30 mins
  • Downtime: Minimal
  • Results: 6 weeks, can last up to 2 years

Non-surgical butt lifts: What you need to know

If you want to create a curvier, fuller, more shapely butt with a youthful lift, a non-surgical butt lift is the ideal procedure for you, with minimal downtime and fast results that last up to two years.

A non-surgical butt lift is designed for those looking for a non-invasive way to enhance, augment, contour and increase buttock size, as well as to correct ‘hip dips’ and unsightly buttock hollowing.

By stimulating collagen in the buttock area – using premium quality Radiesse or Sculptra dermal fillers – our non-surgical butt lift procedure can be used to augment buttock shape and size, creating the ‘perfect’ butt based on your desired outcome.

The clinic you can trust for non-surgical butt lifts

Here’s what to expect when you visit one of our luxurious clinics for your anti-wrinkle injection treatment:

  1. Following an initial assessment, we’ll cleanse your skin and apply a numbing agent to help you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout your session.
  2. One of our doctors will administer the dermal filler injections into the buttock area, targeting specific regions to augment and correct. The whole process will take around 30 minutes.
  3. And that’s it! Once your session is over, you can safely return to work without any disruption.

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Good to Know
Did you know you can achieve your perfect butt in just a few sessions? Our medical experts will tailor a treatment plan based on your desired outcomes, so you can get the butt you’ve always wanted. Book in for your non-surgical butt lift now and start your journey.

Get the Butt of Your Dreams!

Non-surgical butt lifts use collagen-stimulating injections to augment and correct buttock shape and size. A non-surgical butt lift can help to:

  • Achieve a curvier, more feminine butt shape
  • Reduce cellulite and improve the appearance of buttock skin
  • Correct hip dips and buttock hollowing
  • Lift and shape the buttocks
  • Produce an enhanced buttock appearance without surgery

Non-Surgical Butt Lifts: Frequently Asked Questions

How does a non-surgical butt lift work?

A non-surgical butt lift uses targeted collagen-stimulating injections, administered into the tissues of the buttocks. An initial volume boost is followed by continued gradual lifting of the buttocks over the next few months.

What do I need to do after my non-surgical butt lift treatment?

After your butt lift, we’ll talk you through anything you need to be aware of in order to avoid issues, minimise discomfort and achieve optimal results

This will include massaging the buttocks for a few days afterwards, taking care to sleep on your stomach for the first 3 days, and not sitting down for too long for the first 3 days.

Will my non-surgical butt lift hurt?

Most patients experience minimal discomfort during their procedure. We use local anaesthetic to reduce sensation and any post-treatment discomfort will subside in a few days.

How many sessions will I need?

To achieve your ideal butt size and shape, we recommend having 2-3 treatments, with a space of 6 weeks between treatments.

Are there any side effects of a non-surgical butt lift?

Non-surgical butt lifts are a safe and proven treatment option for augmenting and volumising the buttocks. Side effects are rare – and when they do occur, they’re minor and temporary.

You may experience some tenderness, swelling and bruising, which will subside within a week. If you notice any unusual symptoms, please contact us immediately.

How much does a non-surgical butt lift cost in Sydney?

Our highly personalised level of service means that we’ll tailor a treatment plan to suit your specific needs and desired results. As a result, treatment pricing will vary from patient to patient.

During your initial consultation, one of our trained doctors will conduct an assessment of your buttocks, discuss your situation, and develop a customised plan for your treatment. This will include a detailed breakdown of costs, timeframes and what to expect.