Nina Huang

Advanced Dermal Therapist
Laser Therapist

Nina, known for her bubbly demeanor and extensive experience, is a standout beauty therapist at our clinic. Her vibrant personality and expert knowledge particularly shine in the realm of skin tightening laser therapies. Nina skillfully employs advanced techniques with technologies like Ultherapy, Cynosure Ultracel Q+, BBL, and Venus Legacy to deliver remarkable results in skin firmness and texture.

Her specialisation doesn’t stop at skin tightening; Nina is also adept in managing various skin conditions through facial laser treatments, targeting issues like pigmentation, acne scars, and vascular lesions. Her approach goes beyond technical skill, as she brings a joyful and energetic atmosphere to each session, making her clients feel at ease while achieving their aesthetic goals.

Nina’s warm, engaging nature, combined with her proficiency in cutting-edge laser therapies, makes every treatment an enjoyable and transformative experience for her clients, helping them uncover their best selves.