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Rejuvenate Your Appearance With Youth-Restoring Temple Fillers

Did you know that hollow temples can significantly age your appearance?

By restoring lost volume in the temples via dermal fillers, we can reverse this telltale sign of ageing, leaving you with a rejuvenated appearance that radiates youthful vitality.

Temple fillers are a quick and safe procedure that can be undertaken in as little as 15 minutes. Plus, you’ll see the results of your treatment immediately, meaning you can walk out of the clinic with an beautifully younger-looking face.

This non-invasive treatment is a fantastic way to restore your youthful glow and address visible signs of ageing – it’s like having a mini-facelift, but without the cost or hassle of surgery!

Let our medical experts recontour your facial features with temple fillers, for stunning natural results that will take years off your appearance.

Your temple filler treatment at a glance:

  • Overview: A cosmetic injectable procedure that restores volume to the temple region for an instantly rejuvenating effect.
  • Treatment time: 15 mins
  • Downtime: None
  • Results:Instant, with continual improvement 1-2 weeks post-treatment

At Medical Aesthetics 360, all our cosmetic injectable procedures are conducted by medical doctors with over ten years’ industry experience. This means you can relax knowing you’re in the safest possible hands for your dermal fillers treatment.

What’s more, we only use premium dermal fillers to ensure the best, most natural results that help you achieve the exact aesthetic you’re after.

Our temple fillers are designed to restore a youthful appearance in the face, by re-volumising the temples, which naturally start to sag and hollow as we age. What’s more, hollowness in the temples can make other age-related issues such as crows feet appear worse, and can even make you look gaunt and unwell.

By replacing lost volume in the temples, our medical experts are able to replenish this area with the moisture and fullness it needs to restore your healthy, youthful glow.

Our dermal fillers for the temples contain hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occuring substance that provides the temple region with additional volume.

Temple fillers are a fast, safe and effective procedure that provides instant results. Here’s what your temple filler treatment will involve:

  1. Following our initial skin assessment, one of our doctors will prepare your skin, applying a numbing agent to ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout.
  2. Your doctor will then administer the dermal filler injections to your temple region. This stimulates collagen production and restores lost volume in the injected area. To ensure the most natural results, we inject the filler substance gradually and can also use a dissolving enzyme to reverse the effects if you’re not entirely satisfied.
  3. Your temple filler treatment is complete! Most sessions don’t exceed 15 minutes and you can return to work and normal activities straight afterwards.
  • Replacing lost volume to hollow, gaunt temples, resulting in a more youthful appearance
  • Recontouring the temples so they blend with the surrounding facial features, creating a more balanced aesthetic.
  • Restoring volume in the temples following illness, weight loss, or intensive exercise.
  • Reversing the visible signs of ageing to produce a younger-looking facial appearance.
  • Reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eyes, temple and forehead by promoting natural collagen production to plump these areas.
  • Lifting the sides of the eyes so they sit closer to the temples, creating a more youthful, refreshed aesthetic.
  • Restoring facial roundness and plumpness by replenishing moisture content and stimulating collagen.
Good to Know
Our temple filler procedure takes just 15 minutes, making this the perfect anti-ageing treatment to have on your lunch break! Why not book in for temple fillers and take years off your appearance in an instant?

Temple Fillers: Frequently Asked Questions

Dermal fillers for the temples contain a substance called hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the body. This substance restores volume in targeted areas, creating a smoother, fresher, rejuvenated appearance.

Temple fillers also replace lost moisture, hydrating skin cells in the temple area and further promoting a healthy, youthful glow. What’s more, by stimulating natural collagen production, temple fillers give rise to a plumper facial aesthetic that appears instantly younger and less gaunt.

While the vast majority of patients are over the moon with their dermal filler results, we understand that some clients will have concerns about what happens if they’re not entirely happy.

One of the advantages of dermal fillers is the fact that we can reverse the results. This involves the use of an enzyme that dissolves the filler substance, restoring the treated area to its original appearance.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the effects of dermal fillers are temporary.

Dermal fillers are a safe and proven treatment, and any side effects are minor and temporary. After your treatment, some patients may notice bruising, redness, swelling or lumpiness in the injected area – this is normal and will clear up naturally within a few days.

For the majority of patients, dermal fillers involve slight discomfort rather than pain. You may feel a slight pinching sensation when the injection is applied and a low level of stinging as the filler is injected.

We’ll apply a numbing cream to minimise sensation in the treated area and use very tiny needles to reduce pain during the session.

While you may feel a small degree of discomfort after your treatment, this can be easily addressed using home remedies such as ice packs and standard pain medication.

If you’re concerned or anxious about your temple fillers treatemnt, chat to our friendly team for more information on what the treatment involves, so you can feel relaxed and confident when you attend.

You’ll notice the results of your procedure immediately. However, as the filler substance can take a little while to fully settle, your results will continually improve over the next 1-2 weeks, when any minor swelling has subsided.

Your temple dermal fillers will last between 9 and 18 months, with results varying from person to person. You can come back for a top-up treatment once you start to notice your temples losing some of their restored volume.

After your temple dermal filler session, your doctor will talk you through anything you need to be aware of in order to avoid issues and keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

There are a few things you should be mindful of after your session, such as:

  • Avoiding direct sun exposure
  • Not drinking alcohol
  • Avoiding exposure to very hot temperatures, e.g. sauna
  • Not engaging in strenuous exercise for 24 hours
  • Taking care not to pick, rub or massage the treated area
  • Minimising movement of the treated area

If you notice any unusual symptoms, be sure to contact us immediately so our medical experts can advise you on what to do.

Before your appointment, one of our medical experts will conduct an assessment of your skin to establish whether dermal fillers are the right course of treatment for your particular needs.

In some cases, we’ll recommend additional treatment options to help you achieve the results you desire, such as if you have severe skin laxity or other conditions.

At Medical Aesthetics 360°, we take a personalised approach to every patient, so you can be sure of a customised treatment plan that’s carefully tailored to your needs and delivers optimal results.

Temple fillers may not be the best option for you if:

  • You’re under 18 years of age
  • You have underlying health conditions
  • You’re currently pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You have a history of nerve or bleeding disorders
  • You have a skin disorder

Finally, it’s important to be realistic about the results that can be achieved from your dermal fillers. Our highly-trained medical staff will be happy to chat to you about the kind of results you can expect, based on your particular skin condition.

Our highly personalised level of service means that we’ll tailor a treatment plan to suit your specific needs, skin concerns, and desired results. As a result, treatment pricing will vary from patient to patient.

During your initial consultation, one of our trained doctors will conduct an assessment of your skin, discuss your situation, and develop a customised plan for your treatment. This will include a detailed breakdown of costs, timeframes and what to expect.