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Why choose Emsculpt

There is a lot that goes into achieving weight loss and fitness goals. However, sometimes, even the best efforts won’t get you exactly where you want to be.

Developed by BTL, Emsculpt is an innovative body contouring system that’s designed to burn fat and build muscle without the need for further lifestyle adjustments. Not only is it non-surgical but treatments are also pain-free and won’t require any downtime.

The Emsculpt system uses focused, high-intensity electromagnetic energy to create supramaximal muscle contractions. The various muscle contraction patterns that are generated during treatment, do more than a personal trainer ever could.

Just one Emsculpt session is the same as doing 20,000 squats or sit-ups at the gym. This increase in muscle contractions builds muscle mass and tones the targeted area. At the same time, fat metabolism increases and eliminates unwanted pockets of stubborn fat.

Pairing Emsculpt sessions with a healthy lifestyle can finally help you achieve your desired outcome.

Ideal Candidates for Emsculpt Treatments

An ideal candidate will be very close to their goal weight and simply want to contour key areas of the body. Patients who have stubborn pockets of fat or want to target areas that are no longer responding to diet and exercise could benefit from Emsculpt sessions. This includes the buttocks, thighs, arms and especially the abdomen – a common area of concern. Patients should also be willing to continue living a healthy lifestyle after achieving their desired outcome.

Emsculpt sessions don’t require any preparation on your part. We would, however, recommend showing up for your appointment with an empty bladder and stomach to make the session more comfortable.

During your session, a paddle will be strapped around the targeted area. Once the Emsculpt session is activated, a vibrating sensation will be felt and your muscles will start to contract. The contractions can feel intense but there is absolutely no pain.

The average session lasts about 30 minutes but this may be longer if multiple sessions are required. Following an Emsculpt session, you are free to return to your usual routine.

Multiple sessions will be required to contour specific areas of the body. In most cases, we recommended a total of four Emsculpt sessions over the course of two weeks. Thereafter, one session every three to six months can help maintain your results.

Patients will be able to feel that their muscles worked for several days after their session. However, this won’t be any different to the soreness you feel after a good workout at the gym.

The Emsculpt system was originally designed to treat the abdomen and buttocks but the upper arms and thighs can also benefit. Overall, patients tend to target the areas that look the best when they’re toned and contoured. It should be noted, however, that this is not a weight-loss treatment. Patients should already be close to their goal weight in order to benefit from this treatment.

Results will vary between patients but in most instances, at least a 15 percent reduction in fat and increase in muscle growth is possible.

Patients will feel a notable difference after their first treatment. However, results are the most noticeable between two and four weeks after your final session. By continuing to eat healthy and exercise regularly, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy your Emsculpt results indefinitely. In fact, once you achieve your desired outcome, you will find that you’re even more motivated to maintain your efforts.

SculpSure© is a revolutionary treatment.  There is absolutely no downtime associated with the procedure.  Patients may feel a little tenderness in the treated areas for a few days, but this sensation is comparable to that of an intense workout, and should not disrupt your regular activities.   There are no permanent marks or scars associated with this treatment.  Most patients return to work right after their SculpSure© treatment.  You are free to leave the clinic as soon as you are ready.  

Good to Know
There is a lot that goes into achieving weight loss and fitness goals. However, sometimes, even the best efforts won’t get you exactly where you want to be.