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Why choose Fotona SmoothEye

Thanks to sun damage, lifestyle choices and the general ageing process, many of us experience unwanted changes to the eye area, such as sagging and wrinkling. If you are looking to reverse these signs of age and rejuvenate your appearance, Fotona SmoothEye offers an innovative alternative to injectables and surgery.

Fotona SmoothEye is a non-surgical, non-invasive laser treatment that stimulates collagen production to tighten and reduce wrinkles in the periocular region. Treatments target the entire eye area to improve skin elasticity, overall structure and volume.

Ideal candidates for Fotona SmoothEye

Fotona SmoothEye treatments are ideal for patients who experience fine lines, wrinkles, volume loss or skin laxity around the eyes and are looking for an alternative to injectables or surgery. The best way to determine whether Fotona SmoothEye will be a suitable treatment for you is to have a consultation at our clinic.

SmoothEye treatments use Fotona’s unique ‘Smooth mode’ laser system to gently heat the skin around the delicate eye area. This works to stimulate collagen production, which, in time, works to smooth and revitalise the eye’s appearance. In addition, this process tightens existing collagen and elastin fibres to tighten the skin surrounding the eyes immediately.

Fotona SmoothEye can be performed as a standalone treatment or part of a tailored treatment plan to address other skin concerns at Medical Aesthetics.

Prior to your treatment, we recommend having a consultation at Medical Aesthetics to discuss your aesthetic concerns and procedure expectations, after which we can create a treatment plan.

Fotona SmoothEye treatments take between 20 and 30 minutes to complete. As the laser moves over your eye area, you may experience a warm, prickling sensation, however, this will quickly dissipate. For your comfort, we may apply a topical anaesthetic one hour before treatment. After your Fotona SmoothEye treatment, you are immediately free to resume your regular activities.

Some of the concerns that can be treated with Fotona SmoothEye include:

  • Sagging eyelid skin
  • Loss of volume under the eyes
  • Puffiness
  • Dark circles
  • Wrinkles around the eyes, such as crows feet

While results will vary from patient to patient, many experience a noticeable improvement immediately after treatment, as existing collagen tightens. However, as collagen production continues to build in the following months, you will likely see the full effects of your treatment within two to three months. In time, however, the skin will begin to age once more, at which you may require time follow-up treatments.

To achieve the best results, we usually recommend around three treatments, spaced four to six weeks apart. To maintain this, we often suggest annual follow-up treatments.

There is absolutely no downtime required after a Fotona SmoothEye treatment, meaning that you are free to resume your daily activities immediately. However, you may experience some slight redness, swelling and flaking in the eye area: this is normal and should resolve within a few days. Following your Fotona SmoothEye treatment, you should avoid heat exposure for two days. Diligent sun care is a must during this time, so we suggest applying an SPF 50+ to the treated area daily.

Good to Know
Fotona SmoothEye is a non-surgical, non-invasive laser treatment that stimulates collagen production to tighten and reduce wrinkles in the periocular region.