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What is SculpSure©

Even with diet and exercise, most adults have stubborn areas of fat that seem impossible to shed. Now with SculpSure, you can target these problems areas in just 25 minutes with zero downtime.  SculpSure© is a breakthrough in non invasive body contouring that treats troublesome areas of fat, helping you achieve the shape you want.  It can be use as a non invasive version of liposuction.  SculpSure is suitable for all skin types and can target areas, such as the thigh, stomach, lower back and hips.   This fat reduction and removal treatment utilises controlled, light-based technology to permanently destroy up to 24 percent of fat in the treated area.  Dual-SculpSure is available at Medical Aesthetics 360° Hurstville. 

How SculpSure© works

The new state-of-the art, laser based device is used to heat the unwanted fat cells, while cooling the skin.   Once the fat cells are destroyed, the body gradually eliminates them over time, reducing the amount of fat in the treated area. 
In the weeks following treatment, you body will naturally process and eliminate these fat cells, leaving you with a slimmer, more sculpted appearance. 


Idea candidates for SculpSure© are adults that area in good health who are struggling with isolated pockets of stubborn fat.  This treatment is not a tool for weight loss; rather, it is a body contouring procedure, so most patient will need to be at a Body Mass index of 30 or less to be eligible for this treatment. 

Through SculpSure© is non-invasive, it is still important to meet with our specialists about your goals for the procedure.  During your consultation, we will go over the treatment areas and discuss your goals, plans with you.  A customised treatment plan that works will be formulated specially for you.  You will also get an opportunity to ask any questions you may have and discuss any concerns about the treatment before you make a decision.

After the consultation and planning, the treatment areas will be measured and the appropriate applicators known as (PACs) will be applied to the areas to be treated.  The applicators are specially designed to work well on different body shapes.   There is no need for any injections or anaesthetics.  Fat cell can be reduced on multiple areas at the same time, which means one session only lasts around 25 minutes.  
Patients have described this laser treatment as having a tingling sensation, as well as feeling heat and coolness on the skin.   The applicator does have a contact cooling mechanism that is built in, which is used to enhanced patient comfort during the procedure.  In addition, the intensity of the treatment can be adjusted so that you are comfortable.   For this reason, SculpSure is well tolerated by patients. 

Results are gradual, as the body eliminates the unwanted fat over time.  Patient can expect to see fat reduction in treated areas in about 6-12 weeks after just a single treatment.  Since everyone can respond differently to SculpSure©, some patient may opt for more treatment sessions.  This will depend on your individual goals and results.  The results of this procedure are permanent, as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

if you would like to find out more about SculpSure and what it can do for you, you can arrange a consultation with Medical Aesthetics 360° today. 

SculpSure© is a revolutionary treatment.  There is absolutely no downtime associated with the procedure.  Patients may feel a little tenderness in the treated areas for a few days, but this sensation is comparable to that of an intense workout, and should not disrupt your regular activities.   There are no permanent marks or scars associated with this treatment.  Most patients return to work right after their SculpSure© treatment.  You are free to leave the clinic as soon as you are ready.  

Good to Know
The SculpSure© treatment delivers permanent, natural looking results using 1060nm diode laser and contact cooling technology in as little as 25 minutes.