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Fotona SP Dynamis Pro

The Fotona SP Dynamis Pro signals a new day in non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Developed following decades of research and development, Fotona is a versatile, multi-purpose system capable of performing a wide range of aesthetic and medical applications, from skin revitalisation and tightening to snoring treatments.

One system, endless treatment options

The Fotona aesthetic laser system is designed to tighten, rejuvenate and remodel the skin from the inside out. By combining two laser wavelengths in a single treatment, Fotona offers enhanced treatments and superior results.

Er:YAG Wavelength for surface imperfections

The Er:YAG wavelength is designed to treat the upper layers of skin and ideal for targeting surface imperfections to reveal aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting results. During treatments, the water within the skin cells will absorb the laser energy to give a smoother, tighter appearance. Offering both ablative and non-ablative capabilities, the high-performance Er:YAG laser provides a wider range of possibilities.

Nd:YAG Wavelength for underlying skin structures

The Nd:YAG wavelength penetrates the deepest layers of the skin, working to treat underlying structures, such as hair follicles and veins. By deeply heating these structures, Fotona’s gold-standard Nd:YAG laser technologies treat a number of aesthetic concerns while simultaneously keeping the epidermis safe and comfortable.